CBS Interactive Inc. “Replacing the M16: Five lethal candidates.” CBS news. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This is a source from CBS that explains five different replacements of the M16. This will be helpful when we start to talk about possible alternatives for the rifle.

Danford Allan Kern, “THE INFLUENCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ON THE ACQUISITION OF THE M16 RIFLE” (Journalism Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1994).

This is a great source that explains the reasons why the M16 was picked over its competitors. The author goes into the evolutionary thinking that went into the M16. It answers the question of why it was selected over its competitors.

Defense Industry Daily. “The USA’s M4 Carbine Controversy.” Daily defense news for military procurement managers, contractors, policy makers.. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This is a modern article about the M16 that explains its great history but reasons for its replacement. It also has letters from soldiers about the weapons.

Department Of The Army. Department Of The Army. Report Of The M16 Rifle Review Panel. Office Chief Of Staff, Office Director Of Weapon-Systems Analysis. Ada953110. Washington D.C.: Department Of The Army, I June 1968. 216.

This source is the Department of the Army review of the M16 Rifle. This source is amazing because it talks about the invention, the pros and cons of the rifle along with what the M16 is planning to replace. Lastly it compares the M16 to the AK47, M1 and M14 rifles.

Ezell, Edward Clinton. The great rifle controversy: search for the ultimate infantry weapon from World War II through Vietnam and beyond. Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1984

This book is all about the great controversy over the M16 during the wars in the 1900’s. It goes in depth in reasons why the M16 was chosen and why it is better than the other guns being looked into. “M16 5.56mm Rifle.” – Reliable Security Information. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This source is more about the history of the M16 and what weapons might have taken its place. Then it explains how the army was looking for a replacement that was much lighter and had a smaller cartridge because the army no longer needed a weapon that was lethal for long range.

Jenkins, Shawn T, Lowrey, Douglas S. “A Comparative Analysis of Current and Planned Small Arms Weapon Systems”. MBA Professional Report. Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA, 2004.

This source is from the Department of Defense and proposes possible replacements for the M16 rifle. This would help our research because it is listing possible replacements for the rifle.

“M16 Rifle timeline | Timetoast timelines.” Timetoast. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This is a simple interactive timeline of the M16, which points out important dates.

Rottman, Gordon L.. The M16. Botley, Oxford, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2011.

This source is a book written by an old army officer. He goes in depth about the evolution of the M16 along with its history, uses and possible future of it.

TIERNEY, MAJ. JIM. “Freedom Depends on Rifles: Stoner/Sullivan’s M16 Lives On: What Caliber Should it Shoot?.” 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne): Combat Reform Group. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This source outlines the pros and cons between weapons of today. It also has very helpful videos explaining the layout and functions of the M16, along with some cons of it. This will be a great resource throughout the development of our blog and video

W. Hays Parks. International Legal Initiatives to Restrict Military Small Arms Ammunition. 2010.

This source is a statement to the United States government about the opposition of the M16 Rifle. The Swedish government is saying how the M16 and its 5.56mm cartridges are “inhumane”. This helps us with our research because it points out another potential flaw of the M16.

Williams, Anthony. “ASSAULT RIFLES AND THEIR AMMUNITION:CANNON, MACHINE GUNS AND AMMUNITION.” quarry. (accessed February 12, 2013).

This source talks about the differences in cartridges and how it played a impacted the choice of what weapon to pick. “Inspired by experimental work which showed the efficiency of small-caliber rifles, they went to the other extreme in adopting the M16 rifle and its tiny .223 (5.56×45) cartridge”